< “There is, however, a new fascist movement in Britain. It's well resourced, highly organised, … masquerades as humanitarian in nature, and adopts the language of anti-racism. The new far right is a genuine threat because it knows how to game the dysfunction in our democracy. … it is allied with the British far left. … Islamism is flexing its muscles like never before.” >

To me, this could be describing the Globalist Elites (GEs).

The GEs are fascist. Throughout the West, at least, they are effectively at the top of Establishment hierarchies which are effectively, and possibly arguably, the far left.

It appears to me that those who are considered by the Establishment as “far right” are those who are considered antagonistic towards the political ambitions of the GEs.

It also appears to me that those who either co-operate with or contribute towards the GEs achieving their political ambitions, for example Islamists by contributing towards the breakup of the social fabric of nation states (via multiculturalism), can, it would appear, do no wrong in the view of Establishment hierarchies.

On those premises, Islamists cannot be “far right”. But, yes indeed, they are “allied with the (British) far left”.

Or is there something amiss with my assertions? Please let me know.

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< “The new far right is a genuine threat because it knows how to game the dysfunction in our democracy.” >

The GEs appear to “know(s) how to game the dysfunction in our democracy”. Their ambitions include establishing One World Government after having succeeded in wrecking democracies along with the nation state, which makes GEs far right.

Whilst the GEs themselves are far right the GEs’ adopted hierarchy, the woke Establishment, is currently far left.

The Islamists, whilst gaming the dysfunction in our democracy, are (probably) inadvertently assisting the far right GEs in wrecking our democracy, and simultaneously (probably) deliberately wrecking the social fabric of our nation whilst (probably) inadvertently assisting the far left woke Establishment to do the same.

So, you could say the Islamists whilst allied to the far left are also allied to the far right.

In effect, the Islamists are where the far right meets the far left.

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One of the Rule for Radicals is "go outside the expertise of your opponent". The left has mastered this which is why they run rings around the current Conservatives. The Islamic fascist movement is occupying a position that is outside the experience of the left. The left have a mental concept of what a "right wing" person is. I've often thought that you need to be right wing without actually appearing to be right wing. If the left don't recognise something as "right wing" they won't attack it. Another tactic would be a bait and switch. Somebody stands up and attracts the criticism, then disappears, then somebody else stands up to attract the criticism then disappears etc. to confuse the left as to what is going on. Difficult to organise and pull off though.

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